The human species has undoubtedly proven itself to be a seasonal species. Just like we moved from the stone-age to the iron-age in terms of technology evolution. We are now experiencing a new digital evolution, whereby people are fast moving from the computer-age, towards the mobile-age.

A study released by comScore backs this fact. A report by the comScore study shows that more Americans are spending more time consuming digital media from through mobile apps on their mobile devices, than they do over the conventional desktop computers and laptops. The following is a highlight of findings in this report:

  • US users spend more time on apps than any other digital mediums: According to the comScore report, users are using mobile apps 52% of the time to consume digital media. Put together with mobile web browsing, the usage of mobile devices account to 62% of the time spent consuming digital media. The conventional desktop computers and laptops account for only 40% of that time. These stats, clearly shows us, consumers are evolving from computer-age to the mobile-age.
  • Usage of Mobile apps is fast on the increase: The comScore report also shows that the majority of the growth in mobile usage is attributed to mobile apps. The report distinctively says that 7 of every 8 minutes spent on digital media consumption on a mobile device is through a mobile apps. It further outlines that these mobile app usage are 88% of the time on smartphones, and 82% of the time on tablets.
  • Users prefer using Mobile Apps better to Mobile sites: The report also shows exactly how US mobile users are using both the mobile apps against the mobile websites. A third of mobile users said that they download at least one app per month and on average, a smartphone user downloads at least 3 apps per month. But this stats is concentrated: the top 7% mobile users account for as much as 50% of all the downloads in any given month.
  • Smartphone owners use Mobile Apps on a daily basis: The study also distinguished just how often smartphone users engage with their mobile apps. Over 50% of those surveyed said they engaged with their mobile apps on a daily basis, putting it at a minimum of 26 days in every month.
  • Social Media apps are the most frequently used Mobile Apps: Smartphone users are using their apps mostly for social media compared to other reasons. The leading social media app, is of course, Facebook – accounting for 42% of all times users use apps on their smartphone. Other leading apps are YouTube, Google Search, Google Play, Gmail, Instagram, Pandora among others.

While social media apps top the list of most frequently used apps, it is closely followed by entertainment apps, communication apps,  news apps, email apps and shopping apps.

Judging from the comScore study report, it is clearly evident that mobile apps are the preferred choice for interaction by mobile users. This trend is expected to grow over the coming years at a much faster rate.